Dressing in Vintage – My Favourite Tips!


As much as I love vintage, dressing top to toe in it can be a little too much as you don’t want to walk around looking like your off to a fancy dress party.
Personally I  think dressing around one piece of fabulous vintage works a lot better, more stylish and makes that piece stand out more. For instance if you wear one show stopper of a dress team it with low key accessories, shoes and coat – let that dress stand out even more from the other items rather than confusing it. Remember the saying less is more!

Mixing old with new is a great look and works well especially if you want to be in keeping with current trends. A vintage dress under a leather biker jacket and pair of new biker boots looks fantastic. You won’t find anyone in your dress which is a bonus whilst still rocking the current trends.

When picking items out remember those drab pieces can be bought back to life again by making small changes i.e changing the buttons, adding material and altering the shape. If you are not great with a sewing machine then speak to your local seamstress. Granted you might have to pay extra but remember you just bought that piece for a fraction of what it would be brand new. For me updating items is a hobby and can completely change the look of something, whilst making it completely unique. I quite often buy pieces just for the buttons and keep them in a button box.

Frumpy items can be worth their weight in gold so don’t dismiss them as these pieces can be teamed up and layered to make them more edgy and a little more up to date. A frumpy 1970’s skirt can be a game changer when an oversized jumper is thrown into the mix. As long as you don’t wear frumpy pieces together then you won’t look like your Granny!

Look after your items, remember they are old to begin with and so need a little bit of extra love and attention.