Our Story…

A Passion for Vintage

Hello! My name is Nickie and welcome to Vintage Hall.  Vintage Hall was founded in 2021.  It was always my dream to follow my passion for Vintage but spending most of 2020 in lockdown made me turn it into reality.


Turning a dream into reality

My Nan lived for charity shops and would thrift through them on a weekly basis. Maybe it was inherited but from as early as I can remember I too would love to rummage through the rails of charity shops and at an age when I could travel to markets and search for those selling vintage.  This is where my love for vintage started and I soon found myself regularly walking the streets of Portobello Market and searching for vintage hotspots on any weekend mini breaks.


All of my items are hand picked and each piece I would wear myself with pride and a spring in my step.  For me finding something that is a little unique and a little marmite makes it a more exciting purchase.  Some pieces have been restored and some tweaked to make it even more special whilst still carrying on its original story.


Upcycling from UK markets

As much as the past is important so is our future, therefore not only are all my products sustainable but all my packaging is recycled and biodegradable.

So this is my dream and the reality is for you to enjoy.  Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about any items but in the meantime I hope you find something for you and become the next chapter of the story.

Nickie xxx

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