The Benefits of Shopping Vintage Over Retail

Vintage shopping has become increasingly fashionable over the past few years.  There are many reasons why shopping vintage actually outweigh the benefits of shopping retail! Here are my reasons why vintage is the way forward.

1. If you rummage through charity shops and vintage shops you will actually find brand new tags on some vintage items and some pieces that have hardly been worn. These pieces are worth their weight in gold as you will be buying them at a reduced price!

2. Vintage clothes are cheaper and can save you money for other purchases! I have bought pieces for almost 90% of their original price.

3. Vintage pieces allow you to wear a story and continue the next chapter of a story. This is the beauty if vintage and personally I think it shows.

4. Don’t follow trends be a trend setter! Fashion changes over night and let’s be honest not all trends suit us. Vintage allows us to build outfits that look and feel right for us individually. Let’s be honest we don’t all want to walk round looking the same we want to stand out! Think of vintage clothing keeping your look new by being old school.

5.  The clothing industry causes heavy pollution to the environment. Sustainable shopping and recycling all helps and this is a way in which you can help.

6. Fashion recycles and so most vintage pieces are old trends making a statement once again. Most vintage pieces have already rocked the fashion world and are the original of that particular trend which almost makes those pieces more fashionable and most certainly more sought after.

7. Vintage clothing tends to be better quality than what you would find in a retail shop after all they are called vintage for a reason, the reason being they are made well enough to still be around.  Vintage clothing is durable, it can be battered as the quality is far better.

8. Vintage clothing is creative, it has flair, originality and fun. It’s not borderline and it’s not seen in every shop and through every magazine. I guarantee you will be asked where you picked up your vintage pieces from.

9. For me vintage is a hobby so why not make it yours too. Sourcing vintage and learning about the different era’s is fun and let’s be honest forms a part of our history.

10. You don’t need an outfit of vintage for you to feel special and stand out one single accessory can do this. Vintage jewellery and vintage accessories can make an outfit and sometimes that little piece of razzmatazz is all you need.