Looking After Your Vintage – Top Tips!

When it comes to washing vintage don’t be put off as most pieces are made from durable fabrics which means they can be washed without any hiccups, however that doesn’t mean you can throw them in the washing machine for a regular wash as for some items this might be a little harsh.  Vintage items need more love and care, therefore don’t treat these items as you would the rest of your wardrobe especially if you want to maintain them. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Keep your delicate vintage pieces away from direct sunlight as this will cause fading. The fibres are already old and so it won’t take much for these to discolour.

2. Make sure your hands are clean before handling items especially when it comes to silk. Any grease on your hands will cause a stain and these stains rarely come out.

3. When it comes to stains, do your research when trying to remove these as applying the wrong stain remover could potentially do more damage.

4. The following fabrics can be machine washed although still make sure you follow the washing instructions:






Fabrics that will need hand washing are:




Those needing professional dry cleaning are:







5. When it comes to using detergent to wash your clothes go for something gentle and use a minimal amount.  A strong detergent will contain strong chemicals which could ruin your clothes. When washing items take care and watch each piece individually.

6. When hanging to dry use wooden hangers as they will not rust and stain your items. For delicate items I would lay them flat initially to dry and then hang them this will stop your garments getting stretched and maintain their shape.

7. For the maintenance of vintage leather, shoes, jackets and garments use a dry brush to keep your items smooth. When cleaning them put a small amount of leather cleaner on a sponge and wipe over. In order to dry, hang and air.

8. When storing your vintage items make sure they are not squashed together with other items. For delicate pieces make sure they are covered or carefully folded. In some cases you could wrap each piece so they are protected from other items and anything that could stain or pull your items.